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 A.K.A. The Painting Emcee


Art Groove SoHo, NYC - 2/17

Doing my 1st SoHo Art feature with a dope collective called Art Groove. I was featured in one of their shows yeaaarrss ago so its good to be back in the groove lmao. smh, but pull up! they have an open bar and there will be mad artist there!

Music Video Premier Party in Harlem, NYC - 2/17

Before i go to the Art Groove Show in SoHo ill be in Harlem for Prolific Won's Video premier party which will feature one of my paintings that is in the music video.

Paint & Puff - 2/11

Superbowl weekend we are in Hewitt, New Jersey at Red Eyes Plant Club for a Paint & Puff before the game! Join us for some good vibes! And while you’re there check out their merch & stickers I designed!

Crown Nation EP

New 7 track EP called Crown Nation. You can listen on apple music, spotify, tidal, soundcould, & pretty much everywhere else. Check the Music page here on my site.